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Know your IPR at Made in Moldova

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Event type: Awareness Raising and Visibility event

Location: Chișinău, Moldova

Date: 30 January to 1of February 2018

Event description

The 18th edition of the "Made in Moldova 2019" aims to stimulate cooperation between public administratio, business community and civil society to support local companies and products. This event is now the largest exhibition of local producers to promet the image of the Republic of Moldova.

The China IPR SME Helpdesk Project Officer Lucas Lanziotti will be present to engage with exhibitors and intermediaries prodiving first-line advice and promoting the free services of the Helpdesk.

In parallel to the exhibition, the Moldovian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organises an extensive business program dedicated to topics of high interest, both for consumers and for producers. In this context, the China IPR SME Helpdesk’s Project Officer, Mr Lucas Lanziotti will deliver a presentation raising awareness of the IPR elements to be considered when internationalising and mostly encouraging SMEs to take advantage of the full gamma of free services offered by the project.


30 January 2019 at Moldexpo

1630 - 1730

Understand IPR when dealing with China! - Lucas Lanziotti China IPR SME Helpdesk

About the China IPR SME Helpdesk:

The China IPR SME Helpdesk provides free information, first-line advice and training to SMEs to protect and enforce their IPR in China. The Helpdesk’s services are free to European SMEs and SME intermediaries (including EU embassies) and include training events in China and Europe; online tools and materials at and tailored advice from our experts by phone, Email or through the website.

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Wednesday, 2019, January 30 - 15:00 to Friday, 2019, February 1 - 12:00
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